Monday, February 8, 2010


Noel had been looking large for a while. Every morning I'd check her tail tendons to see how close she was to birth. Putting a finger on each side of her tail, right in the little pockets, you generally feel what feels like a thin pencil on each side. Those get soft as birth approaches. I checked her on Friday evening (Jan 22) and said, "It won't be tonight." Famous last words.

We went to sleep and were woken up at 3am by my phone ringing- it was a friend calling to take us up on the offer to help her get her newly adopted Haitian children who were coming into the Sanford airport that morning. I was thrilled to get the call- her kids were coming home! As we got the details, we heard Noel making the unmistakable sounds of labor. Farmer Hub went out while I finished the phone call... he delivered his first goat before I ever got there.

He's a beautiful, blue-eyed buck who looks just like his daddy, Copper. Noel did a great job cleaning him off. The only reason I interferred at all was because I wanted to make sure he could nurse before getting back to bed. We named him Prince (for Port-au-Prince). Noel continues to be a great mother though I'm struggling getting milking back into the daily schedule. When she's giving more (and he's getting less) I'm sure it will be more exciting to do. Now, well, its an awful lot of work for 3 oz.

And while my friend's children did not get to go home that day, they are home now and doing GREAT. Glory be to our Most High God who delights in adoption- He adopted us!

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