Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall, Be Kind to Me, Please

Hurricane Irene is off our coast.  Strong coming winds and rain beckoned husbandman out to milk the goats early.  I'm to be doing dishes... but my counter is full of heads of cabbage from our recent co-op order.  And I can't put them into the fridge until I clear some space.  And I can't clear some space until I clean out the fridge, which I might as well do before I do dishes.  And one of the most intrigral parts of cleaning out the fridge is refiling my seeds that I planted yesterday but I don't want to do that until what I planted is recorded.  Its all very logical that I'm here blogging while loads of work is yet undone.

Peas- Little marvel.  Growing them in burried pots this year.  I think nematodes are taking them out before they can bear much of a harvest.
Radishes- early scarlet globe.  Growing them in window box only this year.
Bok Choy- Ching Chang.  Tried and true.  Don't fail me now.
Collard Greens- Southern something or other.  From my own saved seed.
Swiss Chard- Rainbow.  Tried and not so great, but maybe this year will be better.
Mustard Greens- Early Mazuna.  Not my favorite green, but it grows well.
Squash- Cushaw White.  First time.  Feeling lucky... not sure why.
Squash- Candy Roaster. Same as Cushaw White.

Vietnamese Guava.  Old seeds.  Hoping they still germinate.  They did great last time until I put them in the ground.  I think it was goats that killed them.  Round 2, wiser.
Papaya- Sunrise Hawaiian Solo.  Heard the way to do these is to plant in pots in late summer.  Over winter in pots then set them out in the spring for harvest next summer.  Sounds like a plan.

Parsley- giant of Italy.  Good stuff.  Tried and true.
Dill- bouquet.  Tried and true.
Sage- Broad Leaf.  I can never have enough sage.  And it hates the summer.
Chamomile- German.  Saved Helen from edema.  Never did make tea, but good intentions are still nice to have.
Cilantro.  Tried and true.  Will be nice to make falafel with the herbs that are supposed to be in it again.

Pretty Patch
Love-in-a-mist: free gift.  no idea how they'll do here.
Larkspur- Shades of Blue.  Did great in the spring.  Fall is winging it.
Strawflower- Mixed colors.  Same as larkspur.
Snapdragon- Tall Maximum Blend.  Plants from spring are still kickin' but no blossoms for months.  Not sure if the old oneswill revive with cooler temps, but we'll try some fresh ones just in case.
Calendula- Pacific Beauty Mix.  I LOVE these flowers.  I vow this time to actually use them for medicinal or culinary purposes.
Evening Scented Primrose- Tina James.  Tried twice on these with no go.  Few seeds left.  Give it a whirl.
Dwarf Coffee Plant.  Again, a third attempt with nary a single seed to germinate.  Supposedly a nice house plant.

To quickly summarize the summer, it stunk.  Nothing did well save the watermelon.  I think okra of all things were attacked by nematodes... showed the same signs as peas have for the last 2 years- They get so big then dry up and die.  Beans suffered but mostly because I planted them with very large amaranth plants and the got drowned.  What the deal was with eggplant is still a mystery.  Not a single blossom.  I have a single Jelly Melon completely taking over a bed with lush healthy vine everywhere and again, not a single blossom.  I'm ready for fall.  But please, Fall, be kind to me.

Monday, August 22, 2011

That Other Season

Life has been BUSY!  And here I am, only because getting a hurrican plan for the animals is high on the priority list.  So I'm figuring it out and posting it here so that we always have it to look back on in future years.

3 pens of rabbits- little pen**, dog crate, wire pen to garage.
3 pens of chickens- old GN to south side of house, young GN to garage,  barred rocks to porch** (fit?)
Angel- loose in garage.*
Sheep and goats- Common area and south paddock open (add Bella)*
Copper- bachelor pad open, label his collar with phone #.*
Ducks loose with sheep and goats.

*denotes not to be done until last minute

Random preparedness:
1) Ford focus to mom's garage.**
2) Seedling pots to porch.
3) Potted plants to front stoop.
4) Pool to porch.
5) Slide and climbing cube to shed.
6) hanging pots to porch.
7) Take down clothes line.
8) Move milking table to porch.
9) Clip a leash on each milking doe.
10) Add straps to bee hives.**

** Denotes requires husbandman's assistance.
Estimating all can be done in less than 3 hours without tending kids, less than 5 with tending kids.