Monday, August 22, 2011

That Other Season

Life has been BUSY!  And here I am, only because getting a hurrican plan for the animals is high on the priority list.  So I'm figuring it out and posting it here so that we always have it to look back on in future years.

3 pens of rabbits- little pen**, dog crate, wire pen to garage.
3 pens of chickens- old GN to south side of house, young GN to garage,  barred rocks to porch** (fit?)
Angel- loose in garage.*
Sheep and goats- Common area and south paddock open (add Bella)*
Copper- bachelor pad open, label his collar with phone #.*
Ducks loose with sheep and goats.

*denotes not to be done until last minute

Random preparedness:
1) Ford focus to mom's garage.**
2) Seedling pots to porch.
3) Potted plants to front stoop.
4) Pool to porch.
5) Slide and climbing cube to shed.
6) hanging pots to porch.
7) Take down clothes line.
8) Move milking table to porch.
9) Clip a leash on each milking doe.
10) Add straps to bee hives.**

** Denotes requires husbandman's assistance.
Estimating all can be done in less than 3 hours without tending kids, less than 5 with tending kids.

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