Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Another goat buckling was born last week. I had the notion to see about swapping 2 bucklings for a doeling, We got way better than that!

Here they are loaded into our hatchback to travel through bad weather.

And here's Dulcinea, a 3/4 lamancha milking doe who kidded last tuesday. It was a short trip and she laid down the whole time but she still just barely fit in the dog crate!

Here's her sawed off horns. Her only downfall. We like our animals to keep the defenses they have, but if you insist on having hornless goats, do it while they're young... but sawing??? Poor girl.

She's got a great disposition. This is her first kidding, she's 2 years old and she's better on the milking table than our veterans.

This is what was left of a day's milk. Milking 3 times a day and drinking it happily! We're getting about 3 quarts a day from our 3 does.

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