Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Garden Update

What a rocky winter its been for a garden! It seems since summer I've managed to have a single crop keep us in veggies! Right now we're getting lots of lettuce, eating off our sweet potato stores, occasionally pulling some radishes, but the rest is sorely lacking! And then I've discovered this "thing" growing in one garden where we'll be planting next month. I don't know what it is. I saw one loose in the back yard a couple months ago and thought it was a chew toy from the neighbor's dog.

Given the horrible conditions for growing seeds, I've started some inside. This is sitting on our old kitchen table in the family room with absorbant "chucks" and a towel underneath. I've got a 90 watt halogen flood light on it for about 15 hours a day. We'll see how it works! We're going to build a mini green house in the fall so this doesn't happen again.
In other garden news, I'm baffled as to why 100 years ago the local farming community got on the map because of cabbage farming where now I can't get a single plant to head up. I've grown them all winter, fertilized faithfully, and they just won't form a head. And yes, they are heading varieties. None of my brassicas have done anything worth while but bok choy. I'm looking forward to spring, longer days and constant temps... even if the bugs come too.

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