Saturday, December 15, 2012

Caring for Christmas Cacti- in verse

How to Care for A Christmas Cactus All Year Long
by Homesteading Mommy

I am so beautiful and easy to care.
Just a little attention and well I will fare.
When my flowers are gone and I look so sad
A pruning in February will make me quite glad.
Give me some fertilizer as a nice treat.
And set me outside, a smidge of sun to greet.
But just don’t forget to give me a drink.
I’ll grow a bit bigger and give you a wink!
Give another treat when the weather is hot.
Keep me moist, for dryness right then I care not!
One last treat in September to prepare me to flower.
Cut back on my water and away from the power.
That’s right! No light at night!
Daytime shining is all I want.
A dark corner of earth I’ll happily haunt.
One day you’ll notice my colors of mirth
And know we’ll soon celebrate our Savior’s fine birth.

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