Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mona's Night Out

Yesterday afternoon, some neighbors stopped by to chat, see Daisy, etc.  Farmer Girl took them to see Mona, even though they have met Mona many times before.  Farmer Girl's quite proud of her little fluffy charge.  These neighbors have a buck rabbit themselves.  Husbandman started talking with them and the next thing I know, Mona and her pen are being toted by the red Radio Flyer off to meet her new beau, Steve, with all the kids in tow as well.  I was busy taking down laundry so merely asked where she was going as the whole gang (7 people and a bunny) trotted across 3 front lawns.

Apparently Steve did not even wait for privacy.  In less than 3 minutes the deed was done.  Husbandman did not think it could have possibly gone that fast so we left Mona with Steve until after dinner.  Then again, all 3 kids went with him to bring her home.  The littlest farmer boy this time riding in the wagon with Mona's pen and the other 2 kids holding on to the sides.  It was quite a sight.  So now "Backyard in Your Barnyard" has been added to my bedside reading stack, a stack no less than a foot high.  I need to figure out how to properly feed this pregnant bunny as she mostly just gets scraps from the kitchen and garden.  Lately when we've given her pelleted food, she eats some and scratches the rest right out of the bowl and it falls through the pen. 

May 2nd starts the window of time she could birth.  It will be a new experience for me to be involved in the labor and delivery of something I can't stick my whole arm inside.  Not that I help in many deliveries anymore, I guess 2 in the last 5 years.  Certainly beats the stats on the conventional dairy farm where about 1 in 3 births needed assisting.  I digress... merely saying I don't think my pinkie finger will be able to assist so Mona, its all you, sweetie. 

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