Saturday, April 23, 2011

Impulse Ducks

Remember those muscovy ducklings I mentioned?  Well, yesterday after spending a full day at the Orlando Science Center, coming home and building/painting bee boxes, we decided at 6:30pm to jaunt another 35 miles away to bring home some ducklings.  The sellers were going to a farm swap this morning so I was nervous they wouldn't have any left.  So while Husbandman did a slightly early evening milking, I loaded up the kids and drove through Chic-Fil-A for dinner.  (cringe!)  Not only were we acting impulsively, especially since we didn't even have any game bird starter on hand to feed these guys, but we didn't even have time to flop together some pbj's for dinner (we already had PB&J's for lunch at a park in Orlando).

 But off we went and successfully put 10 little ducklings into our dog crate.  Then I started asking the seller about pigs.  He took us out to see all his pigs of various sizes.  By the time we came back into where the chicks and ducklings were, we discovered the little puffballs had all escaped!
 So then we got to scurry around his garage and catch them again.  He gave us a box to bring them home in and suggested we wrap the bottom half of the crate in saran wrap to keep them in.  So once we got home, we put the already snoozing kids in bed, and got to work on the ducks' new home.
We put them in the porch so Angel is less likely to pull the saran wrap off.  I thought we had a red lightbulb for heat, but we can't find it so the ducks are plenty warm but lit up bright.  We got a small scoop of game bird starter from the sellers and we'll pick up a bag from the local hardware store (who's number I have on speed dail) who assured me they had it in stock.

And my beeswax is probably melted by now so I can prep the bee frames.  Here's to a busy yet highly predictable day! (hopefully...)


  1. Although quite impulsive, I'm feeling quite motivated! Wasn't planning on doing much at all today after our marathon yard work day yesterday, but now....who knows!

  2. We saw some baby mallards at the feed store a couple of days ago. Really had to hold myself back from buying some. Maybe next year.