Monday, March 14, 2011

Jonah and Julius

We had another birth on Saturday.  Husbandman and I were out working on the "Bachelor Pad."  I had been expecting Helen to kid for 2 days so when I saw her go off to a secluded area of the pasture and lay down, I knew it was time.  Without a sound, a little goat was born.  I gave her ample time to clean it off and it seemed as though she were done.  Later a friend came to visit and we took him back to see the new addition... and there wasn't just one but TWO!  Both of them are bucks and both are identical.  One has an ever so slightly larger grew patch over his eyes than the other.  So we put a collar on one... which Farmer Girl named Jonah.  The other is Julius.  Now if this over-sized collar happens to fall off, then whichever one gets the collar will then become Jonah.  The kids are doing well.  The first afternoon, one was markedly weaker than the other, but by morning I couldn't tell which one that was so they must be fine.  They are eating well and are almost ready for the kids to take over their feedings.  Helen on the other hand is not milking well.  Granted we're still in the colostrum phase, but we're getting just over a quart a day from her who previously has given over a gallon.  I'll be milking 3 times a day to see if that will help.  I'm hoping to milk her for about 9-10 months so I really need her to start strong.  
 Copper's Bachelor pad is now finished.  We "finished" it last week only to find him back with his ladies the very next morning.  We "fixed it" again and again he was back within 24 hours.  Now we think we have him trapped.  He's been there for about a day and a half now so maybe we're safe.  We put Doby in with him to keep him company.  They're enjoying the browse while it lasts.

We're still waiting for Esperanza to lamb.  Nina was sucking on her the other day so it must be soon.  Then our babies will be done for the season.  Well, until Doby kids which could be in June or so.

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  1. Never easy to keep in a billy. Good luck. Hopefully the company will help him stay put.