Saturday, March 26, 2011


 On March 18th, our first 2nd-generation FLhomesteader lamb was born.  Farmer girl named her Daisy.
 She immediately won the hearts of the farmer kids.
 At only a few days old, she and her mother, Esperanza, were mowing the lawn.  I tethered Esperanza just outside of Angel's zone and Daisy was completely free to roam anywhere... of course she stayed near mama.  This is giving Angel and Daisy a chance to get to know each other without Angel immediately mauling her new charge.
 And given that Daisy is free and Esperanza is tethered near the pretty patch, she did take the opportunity to snack on some calendula and strawflowers.  Thankfully she has a small mouth and doesn't eat much.  Farmer Boy 2 found it all quite entertaining.

And they are very well trained.  I merely unclip Esperanza's tether and she knows to go right back home.  Superhusbandman built another gate today so we now can keep the animals off that barren side for a stretch.  I have some cowpeas, sweet potatoes, and millet grass to be planting over there.  I'm hopeful for some fertility in there this year. 

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