Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seeding Spring

I just had the best day all week.  I walked out of the house, ignoring the mess within, and puttered in the garden all day long.  I took a break only to feed the little dust balls, find the skin beneath and put the smaller 2 down for naps.  Then farmer girl and I continued to prep beds, rejuvenate them with compost, transplant and plant seeds.

-a new bed of lettuce (slow-bolt and little gem)
-peas (little marvel)
-mustard greens (curled southern)
-chinese cabbage (michihili)
-bok choy (ching chang)

Herb Seeds:
-water cress
-white horehound
-oregano (wild zaatar)
-summer savory

Fruit Seeds:
-huckleberry (chichiquelite)
-melocoton cassabanana
-asian melon (golden sweet)
-canteloup (edisto 47)
-jelly melon kiwano
-watermelon (blacktail mountain)

Vegetable Seeds:
-zucchini (dark green)
-summer squash (cocozelle Italian)
-yellow squash (early prolific straight)
-tomato (southern night, uncle mark bagby)
-cayenne peppers (long thin, African)
-eggplant (rosita)
-bell peppers (roumanian rainbow, emerald giant)
-Cucumber (Edmonson, poinsett 76)
-bok choy (ching chang)
-celery (tendercrisp)
-hot peppers (tam jalapeno)
-lettuce (sweet valentine)
-swiss chard (rainbow chard)

-dwarf coffee plant (a pretty houseplant that supposedly produces a good berry for a coffee substitute... I'm a sucker for a seed catalog.)

So... this is the absolute most seeds I have ever planted at one time.  And given that most from my last round aren't quite ready for transplanting yet, I have a LOT of seedlings around!  I didn't have enough window boxes but I put a good number of puts to use too.  Particularly for zucchini and melons where the starts will be huge, the pots will prove better, I'm sure.  If frost threatens, I'll have my work cut out for me, but oh well.  Spring planting is here!

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  1. Oh, what could be better than having a whole day to putter in the garden? Glad you were able to enjoy it. That's gonna be some harvest!