Friday, December 10, 2010

Sweet Potato Harvest

Cold weather came early and yesterday I went out with FarmBoy1 to dig in the dirt and bring in the sweet potatoes.  I was impressed.  They aren't as plentiful as last year but they are way bigger.  Next time I will plant the starts more densely but fertilize just the same.  Many people say sweet potatoes like sandy soil, no water and zero nutrients.  We've not seen that to be true for us.  We get bigger potatoes by fertilizing and adding compost.  But maybe most people aren't thinking of starting them in beach sand. 

Last year we got 2 baskets full.  Husbandman thinks there are more lurking deeper than I was digging.  I hope so as this wouldn't last us the winter.

Now they need to cure.  We leave them in the basket on the porch for 2 weeks before we start eating them.  Then we just eat from there, never transferring to the fridge and never cleaning them until just before we cook them.  They'll begin sprouting on their own.  When that happens, I save some for next years bed and plant the rest in the pasture to be animal fodder.


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  2. If I keep reading about your sweet potatoes, you're going to convince me to try to grow some. I'm trying hard to stick with my decision to only try one new thing this year. My garden is bigger on the back of what feels like a dismal failure and I'm planning on growing potatoes for the first time. Never bothered because they're so cheap, but since they're supposed to be easy I'm hoping for a decent crop. :)

  3. OK, maybe two new things. I have a package of leek seeds and I'd really like to grow them, too.

    But that's it. Nothing more.

    Until the next seed catalog comes.

  4. Dana, we get big ones because we have such a long growing season. I set them out in April or May and harvest them after the first freeze. So that's generally 8-9 months in the ground. We can't grow regular potatoes very well because it gets too hot. What I've learned is to do what does the best in your area and make those things your favorite foods rather than trying to plant your present favorites and getting discouraged.

    And I just got my Baker Creek and Southern Exposure catalogs today... let the fun begin!!!

  5. I am going to try this. What season did you plant them in and where did you get the slips? I am in 9B also so glad to find your blog.