Wednesday, December 15, 2010


We're mourning with the family at Roscommon Acres for their sudden loss of sweet 22-month old "Tiggy".  Please pray earnestly for this family to KNOW the peace of Christ as few people can truly know.  There are 5 other children ranging from 12 to just a few weeks who are saddened along with their parents. 

Thank you, Jesus, that we CELEBRATE Your birth so that this death is not the end!  We continue to rejoice in Your Gift to us through the tears.  I never knew Tiggy, but I miss him still and look forward to meeting him in Glory.

To all of you at Roscommon Acres, you are being upheld in prayer from all around the world, but also from right here.  Prayers for you fill my sleepless hours at night and every time I hold one of my little ones.  You have my deepest sympathy. 


  1. :-( The loss of a child is like no other loss. I am sending my prayers along, too.

  2. Inteceeding for laborers to meet them where they're at and for the peace of Jesus to fill them completely. My heart goes out to them.

    Homesteading Mommy... keep planting seeds with the family and watering with the Word. A harvest is sure follow.

    Sending prayers from CA.