Sunday, May 23, 2010

what to plant now

I just heard someone this morning bemoaning that he'd missed his chance at a garden and maybe he'd try for fall. That's the beauty of Florida... you can always start something!

Just yesterday I planted seeds:
1) okra- gotta keep this stuff coming. Learned last year that around here, they really will poop out before the first frost.
2) eggplant- only have 4 solid plants and no blossoms yet. Not sure how prolific they'll be and given that I get really tired of okra through the summer decided to go for more eggplant.
3) basil- a naughty dog destroyed my tender transplants. I have 4 still standing. And yes, that should be plenty for copious amounts of pesto, but its not quite enough to hide a rain barrel. And besides, I'm very curious to try this cinnamon basil as well.
4) amaranth- very yummy green that's thriving in the heat. Looking forward to summer salads with this stuff around!
5) sweet potatoes- I pulled a few more volunteer shoots from the compost pile. Finally have some shoots coming in my intended starts... now that my bed is full with volunteers!
6) beans- now I actually DIDN"T plant beans but I could have. I have a good number of beans going now and will probably plant round 2 in mid to late June to fill in holes the squash will leave.
7)collard greens- again, I didn't plant these, but only because I still have plenty. Mine are growing like mad and were planted back in November (I think).

Then I had ordered some fruit seeds from tradewinds so those got planted as well:
1) star fruit- why not... lets give it a whirl
2) pigeon pea- mostly for animal forage
3) papaya- we read the way to do this is to start it in the summer (technically late summer, but oh well), keep it in pots to cold protect it thru the winter then set out as soon as its safe and treat it like an annual.
4) feijoa- some kind of a guava that is supposed to be more cold tolerant.
5) black mulberry- an enormous tree we don't know where we'll put yet, but the fruit is like blackberries and bears all summer so we'll just have to find a place!
6) maypop- a type of passion flower but is cold tolerant
7) jujube- an interesting sounding fruit... again, why not.

So if you're thinking that you've missed it, jump in anyway. Get digging. Do something. It may take you till fall to get your beds set up anyway! But if not, there's still lots of things that will survive the heat and bugs that you can plant and enjoy this season. So go to it!

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