Thursday, May 13, 2010

a different kind of egg

I've had lots of luck with those upside down, topsy-turvy planters... just not with growing plants! Instead they have become quite the wildlife hub. The last one I took down right at the end of winter was housing 3 enormous frogs. This one I took down gingerly (lest a frog come leaping out onto my head). I also knew a bird had at one time lived in there. I peaked in and saw nothing. I poked around a bit and still nothing. So I proceeded to dump its contents into my herb bed that I was re-doing. I was very sad to see 5 tiny little bird eggs. 2 broke. The other 3 were intact. I removed the nesty stuff, dumped the compost out, replaced the nesty stuff and then replaced the 3 remaining eggs and rehung the planter hoping mama would come back and save her babies from my carelessness. It was very sad as you can clearly see blood vessels had formed. I can't guess what bird it was- blue jay, mocking bird, robin... I don't know. The only times I saw anything it was zooming away too quickly and too far away for me to tell. Sorry, mama bird, I will hang this in a secret place in the woods where it can be your home and not be an eye sore for the snooty man down the street.

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