Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grass Power!

Meet our grass-powered, self-replicating, edible lawn mowers! This is Button and Esperanza. Every day that someone will be home most of the time, we tether these 2 out on a section of lawn and they eat to their hearts content. Button is still very skittish though improving considerably. Coming from a large farm with little to no human interaction has not made for the easiest of transitions, but we're getting there. In the picture they are in a 6'x8' dog kennel. This is where we put them at night and for long stretches when no one's home. Its small enough that one person can easily catch them and get them on a leash and lead back to their feed source. If we were to throw them back in the pasture, it would take 2 people and the dog and a LOT of time and running to catch Button again. Esperanza follows her mom, but isn't nearly so spooked by us. And their tether is a pile of free weights we found on the side of the road. Its perfect. You get just the right amount of weight where if they have to move some, to reach shifted shade or water, they can, but they won't go far and certainly not fast enough to not be caught. We still keep a close eye on them to make sure they didn't knock over their water or get tangled around the kids slide or each other, but they really do very well. I now run BEHIND Button as she races to the front yard in the morning. They are also well trained getting back into the kennel at night. Its a great system. We still have to mow some as they just don't eat it all, but its more like every other week instead. We don't intend to eat these, but these will be our breeding stock. We'll breed them each fall, raise their babies in the same manner until the greenery slows in the late fall/early winter then they become a great meat source.

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