Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't get used to this

2 posts in 2 days! I'm on a roll. More like I want this eat-from-your-own-land-bug that I've got to be really contagious. So, what's on the menu tonight???


1 lb of grassfed Samsula ground beef (which we traded some chickens for)

1/2 lb of ground mutton (Bella, to be exact)

1 store bought onion (because I used all my green onions in recent meals)

1 can diced tomatoes (one day they'll be homegrown)

1 bunch parsley (their last hoorah)

several sprigs of homegrown rosemary and thyme

3 fresh eggs

And this shall be served with roasted homegrown sweet potatoes and store bought cabbage (again, one day... maybe)

Pictured is the meatloaf and the sweet potato/cabbage (in a loaf pan) in our nifty convection oven. Since its not too hot, I'm cooking this inside because the convection oven is small and looses less heat. When its hot out and the AC is cranking, I roast things on the porch in a separate roasting pan. I rarely use the big oven anymore.
The second picture is what's left over of our sweet potatoes. The laundry basket was FULL in December from about 20 square feet.


  1. Now you need to find a way to replace the tinfoil that is covering you pans. Are you of the generation that washes it off and reuses it? How was the quiche from the earlier posting? See I read you blogs to keep up with your life.

  2. i reuse foil when there's an immediate use. i don't store it for extended periods. so, you're right... got any suggestions? the quiche was ok. a tad too salty and the dried tomatoes took on a weird texture, but the rest was good.