Tuesday, January 5, 2010

26... ish

woke up at 3 to a reading of 41. i did a dance of joy. woke up at 6 to 36. no ice around when doing chores at 7:30. very hopeful that the forecast would be better than the 27 it said before. i did not want to pull out the blankets and sheets.

too bad. forecast now says 26 with strong northern winds. boooooooo!

so, i bundled the kids and we all went out. thanks to a neighbor who purged her linen closet a few months back, i had just enough coverings. i have things laid out ready come dark. i turned the goat shed so the opening is pointed south. i put blankets over the northern sides of each chicken pen as wind breaks. I gave everything a good drink.

And I checked on my poor pet frog that I found yesterday. :-< Yesterday morning I saw a BIG frog hanging onto the side of a rain barrel. I figured the water would be the warmest place for him, but alas, a couple hours later I saw him spread out, dead, at the bottom of the barrel. Then I found another frog barely moving, near frozen, in another barrel. I scooped it out and set it in a bucket of water. Then I added warm water to try to bring its body temperature up. This was late in the afternoon so I brought the bucket into the garage. This morning I thought it was dead, but it blinked. I added more warm water and am hoping for the best. I know its pretty silly. And likely futile. But just because I hack the heads off chickens doesn't mean I want to see every bit of wildlife die a slow and painful death. Besides, frogs eat bugs.

So, tonight being the worst night forecasted thus far and as far as the almight radar can see, if all our little plants and froggies can make it tonight, we'll know we're doing alright. Good luck to everyone else out there. Stay warm!

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