Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The To-Do List

A week of waiting for a baby to be born. A week of neglecting the weeds and the aphids and the fungus. A week of my husband doing 90% of the absolute necessities at barely-dawn hours before work. Its amazing the things that cry for attention at the worst possible times. Here's my as-soon-as-I'm-back-on-my-feet to-do list:

1) All my empty beds in our beautifully expanded garden are COVERED in weeds... and the weeds are now starting to go to seed. I'll be weeding in there all winter.

2) Grass is coming up in the walkways meaning its poked through the weed cloth underneath the mulch. I need to pull it up, cover the main walkway with pallets and add more mulch to the other walkways.

3) Tie up the tomatoes again.

4) Crawl through the watermelons and clip out disease and spray for aphids again.

5) Plant more swiss chard, collards, bok choy and lettuce seeds.

6) Get more compost from our horsie friends.

7) Call the ag extension to find out why it appears as though 2 citrus trees have died.

8) Weed the herb beds and mulch for the 3rd time this summer.

9) Give all the animal waterers a really good scrubbing.

10) Rip out the cowpeas and luffa (and their weeds!), add more compost and sawdust, and cover until ready for planting.

Hopefully nothing else will get added until I can at least cross a couple off the list. Until then, its back to waiting for labor.

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