Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Garden Woes

I staggered through morning chores today... and the sight in the garden almost knocked me down completely... 4 tomato plants eaten!!! Not just the leaves, but eaten down to the half inch stalk! What animal (that we have around here) would get over a 2' woven wire fence to eat fibrous foliage? Coons get over anything, but they don't eat foliage. The rabbits can't get over the fence. Same for the gopher tortoises. We've seen deer out a lot on the highway, but I've never thought of one coming this close into town. No damage to the fence either. Its baffling. Guess its time to get the hubby to... ahem... add an extra measure to the fencing. Too bad its in the front yard. For those who don't know, urine is a fabulous barrier... it just washes away a lot quicker than a fence does!

Still waiting for the baby. Gonna go curl up for a nap and pray he comes this evening.


  1. OMG... that's crazy! All my tomatoes died back in June during a heat spell we had (I kind of gave up on saving them *hold back tears)... ya know I hear Hippopotamuses are herbivorous and find fruit & veggies enjoyable. They eat about 80 to 100 pounds per day. Maybe a Hungry Hungry Hippo ate the plant?!?!?! :-)
    On a more serious note someone told me that in addition to urine you can also spread around hair (perhaps borrowed from your local hair salon) to deter animals.

  2. I ripped out my spring tomatoes in June also... weren't totally dead but seriously diseased by all the rain in May. Didn't have any that would set in the heat anyway. These are late July, early August sown... saw my first blossom on one today... one that hasn't been eaten. The mystery hippo didn't strike last night. Maybe he's moved on to happier meadows.