Sunday, March 17, 2013

Silver Fox Wins the Gold

I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with these silver fox rabbits!  Jean, the rabbit that was born in early July of 2012 and shown by the farmer girl at the fair, gave birth January 19th to 8 babies that all survived to this day!  For a first time mom of only 6 months old, that's phenomenal!  Then Java, one of our original breeding stock gave birth to a set of 10, however 2 of those passed away over time.

Meanwhile, after 3 births and NO surviving babies, we gave Cream back to the person we got her from.  She was able to get 8 surviving young from her.  I think the kids and the dog and the general state of chaos we call home was just too much for Cream.  Now its time to determine Sugar's fate as well.  She was bred unsuccessfully twice this season.  She was bred again just the past week.  If we encounter another failed breeding, we will get rid of our last Californian/New Zealand cross and raise strictly Silver Foxes.  They seem to handle the heat better, are better mothers, less skiddish, never bite, sometimes cuddle, and are just plain beautiful.  They get the gold in my book.

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  1. would you like to sell any of your silver fox rabbits? I have been trying to get my hands on a breeding pair but was unable to find any. anyway, it would at least give me one half of my problem. post your response here, I dont want to put my email address here to get spamed.