Thursday, December 29, 2011

Write the Vision II

I love this  saying*.  So when people ask me why I work so hard, I can honestly say its not work.  Or at least it beats the alternative.

Last year I "Wrote the Vision" that we had for our little 'stead for 2011.  We done good if I may say so myself.  Tis the season to make our plans for 2012.  Its going to be a good year, ya'll.  I feel it in the depths of my muddy feet.

1. Install a water line and hose bib to the southeast corner of the house.  Anytime
2. Clear and fence 1 paddock in the pasture and install a sprinkler.- May
3. Add a poop catcher to the rabbit hutch to make collection of fertilizer easier. -January.
4. Construct a sheltered milking area, preferably with a concrete floor.  -June
5. Construct/create a hay storage area closer to pasture.   Anytime
6. Build a feed trough that sits outside the pasture fence and retrofit a portion of fencing to allow their heads through to eat.  Anytime
7. Re-rig the outside shower (dependent upon #1).  -June
8. Install a shaded raised herb bed... again.  -April
9. Build a tree house.   -December
10. Build a greenhouse that can be converted to a shade house. -January/June
11. Move bananas (if we can find a better place for them). -February
12. Plant blackberries and grapes where bananas currently are. -March
13. Find a way to grow garlic.  -September
14. Construct a durable, permanent clothesline for the kids.  -March
15. Construct a cover for the water system. -March
16. Make a quilt for Farmer Boy #1. -December
17. Start and finish scrapbook for Farmer Boy #2's infancy. -September
18. Repair old rabbit hutch into a finishing pen. -March
19. Plant a loquat (again) and kiwis.
20. Increase the family with 1 treasured foster child. -January

*If you can't read the sign it says, "The view from the barn door beats the view from the sofa.  -Cowboy wisdom"

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