Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A good while ago, Georgia Farm Woman was blogging consistently about making soap.  I totally didn't get it.  I thought she must be nuts to need to be making so much soap.

Well, now I get it.

I made soap.

And more soap


And more soap.

It started as a thought for Christmas gifts.  But once I started reading about it, I soon became enraptured in my new love affair with Clean.  I figure if you don't enjoy the process, you might as well enjoy the products, right?
If you're interested in the soap-making process, stay tuned for a future post.  For the rest of you who just want to know what crazy thing I've been up to now...

It started with collecting beef and pork fat from grocery stores and rendering it in the crock pot.  Then I bought some other oils like palm oil and Castor oil.  Then created my recipes on a nifty website.  What I've ended up with is some goat milk body soap, some chamomile shampoo bars (yes, shampoo can be done in a bar which is actually much better for your hair and the environment) and some laundry soap.

Then I added some homemade deodorant to the list.
So, yes, I'm obsessed.  I have to wait 4 weeks to try this stuff and I'm wondering if I can wait until I try it before making another batch. 

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