Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tis the Season

Tis the season for snakes and breeding.  Farmer Girl picked this one up and waved it at me.  You can imagine my response.  Thankfully it was already dead.  And also, especially thankfully, its a harmless scarlet king snake and not a coral.  (Coral snakes are more predominately black than red).  I can only assume that Angel is the one that took care of this one.  It clearly was dealt a fatal blow.  It sets my mind somewhat at ease believing Angel will take care of slithering foes, but on the other hand, I don't want to lose Angel to venomous bite suffered during the defense of her territory.  I've read that to administer anti-venom, you must know the species of snake that bit.  But injectable vitamin C in high doses can save animals (and people) when the species is unknown.  I've been on a local hunt for this magical goodness called Injectable Vitamin C to no avail.  I think, before snake breeding season carries on much more, I will hit the all-providing internet to acquire such a spectacular potion.

Another snake-bite preventative motion is to attach bells around an animal's neck.  The loud clanging alerts snakes that this is a large animal not suitable for a meal and they slither back to protect themselves.  I can't imagine the racket that would be heard if I attached bells to all 10 of the 4-legged creatures.  I think instead I'll just be cautious (as I've done other years) to make sure the sheep are keeping up with the height of the grass and I scope out the yard before releasing the kids to play each morning.

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