Saturday, February 19, 2011

Livestock Life

 Today was the first day of the year where we tethered out the sheep.  Our front lawn looks a mite rough.

Not that looking rough isn't normal for us.

But having seeded the front lawn with rye grass then the chickens eating a majority of that grass, we have bright green patches of tall grass amongst the sea of brown.

Instead of dusting off the mower already, we set out the sheep and they were happy to work.

Valentino is standing tall and proud as the happy daddy of Nina and the lamb(s) making Esperanza so round.

I tried to get an upclose picture of the littlest kids on the 'stead.  They were adamant to climb me instead.  So I had to shoot pics through the fencing of their kennel.  When the bigger kids are outside feeding the little ones, I might be able to snag some better pictures.

The one with the black spots is the doeling, Rocie.  The one with small brown spots is the buckling, Poncho.

Nina taking an afternoon snooze.  Button looks content.

Our working girls.  Dulci (the white one) is giving a gallon of milk a day.  Helen is due in mid March.

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