Saturday, October 30, 2010

The promised pictures

I'm really starting to hate blogger.  I've fought with this off an on all morning.  They keep changing how photos upload and make it EXTREMELY difficult to arrange.  I never know what order the pics will be uploaded and I arrange them after uploading and all of a sudden they move on me again.  So forgive the lack of logical flow.  Its blogger that lacks logic, not me.
The Chinese bed in the "orchard garden".  Chinese mustard greens in the bottom right, rest of the right side is Chinese cabbage and left side is bok choy.

The younger tomatoes on each side of a almost dormant peach tree.

Along the back are Seminole pumpkins.  Under the conduit trellis are cucumbers.  Small peppers on the bottom right and turnips at various stages along the left.

The bigger tomatoes in the middle.  Lacinato kale along the left.  Mustard greens along the right.  Some young peppers beside the tomatoes.  I'm considering tenting this section and trying to hold the tomatoes and peppers through the winter.
A small rosita eggplant that we'll eat next week.
The eggplant plants.  Very full.  Have required staking for months now.  They definitely have flushes.  I'll get lots of fruit for about 2 weeks then 2-3 weeks with nothing.
This is celery.  So they say anyway.  I have no idea how celery grows but its certainly pretty.  I would never guess it to look like this though.
Swiss chard.  I'll thin it some next week and transplant the smaller ones into another bed.  Which bed, you ask?  I really need more garden space!

This is the just transplanted swiss chard in the "vineyard garden".  The broken tile is a stepping place to cross walkways.

The logs for mushrooms.  Shitakes!

My seed station.  Using the window boxes works much better for growing transplants.  Most of these boxes are empty as I've transplanted their goods.  I grow a bunch, transplant the biggest, spread out the smaller ones.  A week later I'll transplant the next round of biggest, filling in holes in the beds of transplants that didn't take and again spread the rest out in the box.  I continue as such until all the seedlings are done.  I get much stronger starts and better bed use.
The bottom is the lettuce, arugula, and a few collard greens.  The center bed is all very small collard greens.
The watermelon is still cranking.
The overview of the vineyard garden: lettuce on the bottom, swiss chard on the right, watermelon on the left, collards in the center and the back bed doesn't get enough light in the winter to plant anything.  The grape vines are almost dormant.
My potted onion experiment.
The recent heat wave has really hurt the peas.  They were doing very well before.  I've now lost about half of them but I have plenty of time to re-seed so that's what I'll do.  Sweet potatoes are along the left.

The overview of the orchard garden.  I lay feed bags down as weed barriers but have yet to cover with mulch.  I'll get there.  Esthetics are low on the priority list right now. 


  1. Holy cow!! You got a lot going on in that garden =)

  2. Great photos of your little heaven!

  3. My goodness you've been busy! I need to get myself in gear. Working on the maters and I've got myself some Seminole pumpkins this year. Getting ready to plant the eggplant and peppers. Got some swiss chard planted in containers and hoping they will do well this way; never tried containers for the chards before. Got kale to go and goodness knows the list goes on. Going to work on companion planting this year, so want to get carrots in the tomato beds, etc., etc.

    Great job you're doing.

  4. Impressive! How do you keep the critters out of your veggies?? I had a beautiful watermelon (just one) in a fenced garden and it STILL got eaten before it ripened completely. My critter issues seem to be field mice. So annoying! They took out 25-30% of my tomato harvest.