Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting Healthy- A Day at a Time

A friend recently walked in on a conversation I was having with another friend and quickly learned (all TOO quickly) the serious state of our nations food supply. I never want ANYONE to feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the need to watch what we eat. The FDA and USDA doing it for you will not lead to good health. I decided to do a step-by-step, make-changes-as-you-can-when-you-can type post. There are always going to be things to do to be healthier. This is just a place to start thinking of how to get on the road. Some people can make lifestyle changes at a lightening pace. I certainly am not one of those people. I try to add one or two new healthful habits a YEAR. Some habits are easier to change than others. So, if you're new to the road, jump in where you can and know that God's Grace is sufficient for you. No pressure, no performance. Add to your healthy living as you get things under your belt (and you'll no doubt be punching extra holes in that belt as you go.) :->

1) Make a list of categories and prioritize them based on how easy it would be to change and the level of return.

2) List changes that can be made in each category (examples will be given in a future post) and apply a SINGLE change at any one time. When that one becomes natural, add another. You will obviously have some feeling of deprivation, but don't allow that feeling to be so intense that you give up.

3) Find sources for information and learn to love gleaning that information. Ask people at a health food store their favorite periodicals. Find good websites (again, for another post). Watch documentaries (though understand you may very well get disgusted and overwhelmed). Go back and watch them again if you find yourself straying back to old ways.

4) Find new food sources. If you live in a small town its harder, but there are bound to other people in the same boat. You could start your own buying club and order wholesale or build a BIG pantry and make a once or twice a year trek into a big city for food.

5) Plan your menu. Find new recipes and as your healthy recipe box grows, have more and more healthy meals each week.

6) Become responsible for an increasing amount of your food source. Plant a garden or fruit and nut trees. Raise a few chickens (much easier than you would think, and lots of land is NOT necessary). Or really get wacky and put in a tilapia pool.

7) Use your new found energy. Increase your hands-on activities as you increase your health. That way if you slack off, the lack of energy will be readily apparent!
And in this I'm realizing I'm only discussing physical health which is completely dependent upon emotional and spiritual health. But, frankly speaking, I'm still figuring out how to be under the weight of the world yet not feel stressed so I'm not exactly at the "advisory stage" yet. A big reason why my husband is such a pinnacle of good health is likely because he never lets anything get to him.
So, in conclusion, don't let healthful habits be a stressful thing or you're counteracting everything. But also know that you'll likely feel less stress in general if you're getting proper nutrition, namely B vitamins.
And on that note, I'm going to go drink my water, take my B-complex and jump into chicken slaughter just before I run off to put in my co-op order.

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