Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lemongrass Tea

We stay hydrated through the summer with some yummy homegrown iced tea.

Here's about half of our herb garden (pineapples, oregano, okinawa spinach, mint, green onions, aloe and a gardenia are in this section)

Here's the lemongrass. This stuff grows like a weed. A single plant is PLENTY for all the lemongrass we can drink. I'm planning on ripping most of this out so that I'm not creating such a nice snake habitat right next to a walkway.

Here's the mint being picked by the little farm girl.

And the stevia. This plant was well over 5' tall last fall. I thought it died over the winter, but it came back all on its own.

Here's all our tea ingredients (minus the water).

And everything in a pot with a gallon of water.

And the end result! Full of antioxidants and completely organic. I'd be happy to supply anyone with lemongrass plants and some cuttings of mint and stevia if you're in volusia county.

Now if only we didn't have to BUY our water! The well tastes really bad!!! :-(


  1. WOW! That tea looks so delicious. I'm loving all the photos. Can't wait to take a look in person. I have stevia growing as well, just wasn't sure if I should pick a leaf and put it in my coffee or what... I need to actually take a few minutes and read about that. I gotta say it again, the tea looks so yummy!!!

  2. Have you guys tried bleaching your well and installing a whole house water filter? Might be cheaper in the long run than buying drinking water. If your water tests fine, then I'd just bleach the well once, and filter the water, even if you use a brita thing on the tap or a filter through your fridge.

  3. We love lemongrass tea, too! We didn't know how easy it was to grow...Dallas just stuck a stalk we got at the asian market and it took off!