Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Button's Baby Blessing

We have a thing for alliteration here if you haven't noticed.

Actually, since last week, we have lots to report. Mostly good.

Starting with the bad... Homesteading Hubby got laid off last week. Its not terribly surprising given the financial state of many municipalities. Working in engineering where your work is based on cities have tax revenue to spend on improvements can be a sketchy thing. Since then he's been pounding the pavement. He's worked longer hours this whole last week than he ever did at is 8-5 job. I'm really proud of him for not sitting in a stupor from the sting of it all. We don't expect him to be out of work long. We have a very Might God who is his ultimate Employer. We expect a promotion... and that's what is looking very likely. More about that in the weeks to come.

Thankfully, Angel, the dog, is doing very well. The only thing we were told was to keep her dry. We moved her big kennel into the garage for now. She certainly isnt slowing at all. She runs free most of the day now, but lately has picked up some bad habits which I'll need to spend some time to correct. Until then, she gets locked up when my attention is going to be diverted too much.

I decided to dry off Noel already. Her milk supply plummeted quickly. I think she's pregnant again. I've also noticed that she can't handle grain like the other goats can. She started to scour the other day so I tethered her to a bushy green area and clipped some more branches. She was very happy for the fiber. I can't keep her in milk and growing a baby on the calories supplied through the greenery in our pasture right now. She's not as into hay as other goats are either. She seems to prefer the fresh greens. So... I'd like to wait a couple more months, make sure she really is pregnant, than try to trade her for another lamancha or maybe a mini nubian. We'll have to see what comes.

Yesterday morning, Farmer Hub was milking for me and Farmer girl started her normal babble about Button (the sheep) and her baby. He thought little of it as we didn't know when to expect Button to give birth. But after her being rather adamant and then saying Button's BLACK baby, he turned to look, and sure enough, a little charcoal gray lamb was standing beside Button! No birthing problems at all! We didn't even hear her! The lamb is a ewe to top off the blessing. We're now working to make sure she doesn't get skiddish. I'm trying to feed her a bottle every day. She's got little interest in it now. Hopefully that will change. We also are still thinking of names.

In the garden, I transplanted lots of greens into the square foot bed. I know you're supposed to seed, but I think I still like transplanting better. I took down the ugly orange fencing because I think it was blocking the sun too much. That has given Angel entrance now... which means I've lost a few transplants. I also have most of our cucurbits planted. I have a lot of work to do outside still. Thankfully my hip is holding up well now. I'm plugging away. Its just a very busy time for me right now.

And on that note, please forgive the general updates concerning every topic on the 'stead. It doesn't make for easy searching of specific information. One day I'll get back to normal... I think.

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