Friday, November 13, 2009


previously i've sworn by drip irrigation. the "vineyard garden" (the garden in front of our grape vines) is equipped w/ 2 zones. we reconfigured and expanded the "orchard garden" and didn't want to lay out the money right then for more tubing and supplies. most of what was there was used to give the vineyard garden better coverage. now i'm glad. ive found a new system i like better:

a hose.

while i can't just turn it on and go about my other chores, it ensures that i'm walking the beds every day. it also ensures good water to seedlings where with drip irrigation, the drip may not hit each plant. i found myself running the system then planting in the wet spots... loosing a lot of space.

the newest discovery was made when i ran out of compost for compost tea fertilizer. i bought worm poop complete with a hose attachment. it makes such a nice spray, i love it! when im out of worm poop, i'll refill the bottles with compost tea and keep going. this means they get a bit of fertilizer every time i water. its a very nice system and much easier for me!

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